Thai Restaurant in Mulhouse Why Pitaya?

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Pitaya Resto
Taguez votre ami qui aime avoir la bouche en feu 🔥🌶

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Pitaya Resto
Pas besoin daller loin pour manger un bon thaï.

Pas besoin d'aller loin pour manger un bon thaï. ... See MoreSee Less


Pitaya Resto

Pitaya c'est aussi des équipes du tonnerre ⚡! Nous aimerions leur dire bravo 👏.
Au plaisir de accueillir sur place bientôt 🤞! En attendant, stay safe et bon week-end !
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Pitaya Resto
On peut dire que cest un avis Perpi-cace ?

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Pitaya Resto
Allez les raconter à dautres

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Pitaya Resto
Désolé, on est fan de dads joke.

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THIS is why They chose us

Among the good addresses, what are the specialities in our Thai restaurant in Mulhouse?

Our Thai restaurant in Mulhouse prepares traditional dishes with hot sauce and flavoured rice for the greatest pleasure of your taste buds. You can also order a pad thai or a bo bun and discover the flavours from elsewhere just a stone's throw away. Our chicken curry is popular with everyone, but you can also enjoy it on the premises or at home. We can deliver your meal on request, but you can pick up your order directly at the Coty commercial centre..

Our Asian restaurant in Mulhouse for a refined cuisine street food version

Our Asian restaurant in Mulhouse offers only fresh food, prepared on the spot. The recipes are made exclusively from natural ingredients. The flavours are enhanced by coriander, basil, red, green or yellow curry. Colours bring life to your plate 100% healthy food. Our cuisine exhales the flavours of Thailand. You will discover a healthy and balanced cuisine.